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Review: Do not Starve - Console Edition: Learning to Survive!

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Review: Do not Starve - Console Edition: Learning to Survive!

Review: Do not Starve - Console Edition: Learning to Survive! Most of you may have never played Do not Starve for quite a long time when this review is officially slid in thomijasir site. As one of the successful indie games look stunning in the middle of 2013 ago, Do not Starve which had slid to the PC platform does offer a different sensation unique gameplay with most existing genres. Apart from the mainstream trend that always revolve around blood, body parts, shot thousands of rounds, or giant mecha and destructive, Do not Starve only requires you to perform a task is super simple - survive. Ensuring self-congratulation of all the elements that are designed to ensure lives as you drift as fast as possible.

Review: Do not Starve - Console Edition: Learning to Survive!

Developed by Klei Entertainment, Do not Starve it managed to gain so many positive ratings, not only from the players, but also from the media game that has ever tried it. So why we've tried it this time? First, due to limited time so skip this one cool game in the past. Both? Therefore just as RESOGUN and Contrast, Do not Starve - Console Edition is offered free of charge to the PS Plus subscribers, who eventually released for the Playstation 4. With limited games that can be reviewed on the next-gen Sony console this one, the wisest decision is sampled most of the games that he has to offer. The right choice, because it's hard not to fall in love with this game.

So what is really offered by Do not Starve? Why do we call it a series centered on the business to survive? This review will be in for you peeled.

Anything to Survive

Review: Do not Starve - Console Edition: Learning to Survive!

Do not Starve does have a bit of a tangle of plot, but it does not seem significant.
As a game "action-adventure", Do not Starve course offers a background plot as an explanation for why you can get caught up in this deadly situation, regardless of who is counted significant role than that offered unique gameplay. You will act as an inventor named Wilson who is struggling to find a tremendous innovation. But failures Wilson encouraged to cooperate with a mysterious figure named - Maxwell, who became known, is the devil himself. By using a special machine, Wilson was thrown toward a dangerous world alone, without any provision. The struggle to save themselves began.

Survive, this is only the keywords that you need to enjoy yourself Do not Starve. Being in a foreign world filled with strange super beings, of the peace, to whose existence is designed to threaten your existence, Wilson sued for using his intelligence. Do not Starve the core game is to make sure your characters survive as long as possible, or even form an independent lifestyle. Like going back to ancient times, you should be hunting and gathering, creating a variety of equipment that will simplify your life in the future.

Review: Do not Starve - Console Edition: Learning to Survive!

Survive, or rather to make sure your three main indicators - hunger, health, and sanity are at the optimal level, the main objective of the Do not Starve.

Because of this requirement, you must gather resources began in around the map, not only for direct consumption, but also to build a much more useful item.
Because of this requirement, you must gather resources began in around the map, not only for direct consumption, but also to build a much more useful item.
Like the name of the game itself "Do not Starve", Wilson survivability rate will be divided into three main categories: hunger, sanity, and of course health. You have to make sure all three of these indicators are in a healthy state to continue the journey. Failed in one? You must be prepared to repeat your trip back from the beginning because of mechanical Do not Starve who was carrying a permanent death.

The only way to meet all of these needs is to hunt a variety of resources that are widespread in the folder Do not Starve the system comes with a random and wide. By simply pressing the action button, you can harvest for wild berries, mushrooms, wild carrot or just simply growing and eating them raw. But along with the progress of the game, you will start to feel that this life will never be enough to satisfy every need you to survive. A subsequent phase of life begins, gathering.

With the increasing difficulty of finding a resource for eating, being much more rational choices to ensure your hunting goes super effective. No longer must explore the world at random, you can use any resource you get to build a more promising fixtures. Finding stones and twigs? Through a simple user interface, you can start to build an ax. With an ax, you will be able to cut trees and collect firewood to increase the chances of survival when the evening. Or you can make a trap for hunting small animals, of course, is more reliable to be used as a food source. You will also begin to fight back a number of wild animals that once might kill you with ease.

Hunting and gathering lifestyle, slowly but surely, will begin to settle. Not just collecting, you can start making your own resource.

Do not Starve the main enemy? Time!
Slowly but surely, you begin to discover a variety of technology that is designed to support lifestyles that tend to be more sedentary. Looking for a spot that is profitable, you can collect wild resources and start farming or hunting even catch that much more deadly. You can build a lifestyle and set every action to ensure the survival potential is greater. Interestingly again? Do not Starve able to "simulate" it properly. Slowly but surely, self-supporting lifestyle like this, start making the game much more complex. The need for specific and rare resource makes you have to start prioritizing. Because in the end, you are only one problem: time.

Every day of "hell" that you live will be divided into three phases of time - morning, afternoon, and midnight every action you make will now pressured by lack of time. As the safest time to collect every resource available, you should start prioritizing actions, especially when you need a lot of things to ensure survival Wilson. Hungry? But you are also less firewood to get through the night? While on the other hand, you also need a rope to build a new spear after spear before beginning to disintegrate because it is often used? With limited time, you must determine the needs of the most crucial and began to hoard the resource before it can move on to other activities. Efforts to achieve a self-sufficient life is not easy in Do not Starve.

Because in the end, you will not be able to do anything at night. When night hit and pitch black, Wilson became very vulnerable to attack by hordes of enemies that are not visible at all. To ensure self-congratulation, Wilson had to build a campfire as a torch, as well as the media to maintain a level of sanity that he has. To ensure the fire could last through the night, you must have a resource such as fuel wood, charcoal, or a twig to keep her alive. You still can do a small exploration using a torch, but not recommended, because of the great risk may be an end to your adventure. It adds to the list of resource that you should collect. Food? Firewood? Weapons? Seed? This is not how if your ambition is to make life increasingly unreliable Wilson in the middle of the "exile" is his.

By using an item called Science Machine, you can build more complex equipment, and of course support Wilson's own life.

Fortunately, you are still equipped with a map to see which areas are already or yet to explore. You can also view the location of your Pitfire.
You can also build an item called Science Machine which can be used to build more sophisticated equipment with a variety of functions that are not offered by previous items. The problem is, each new item will require Wilson to seek resource-scarce resource with a considerable position, thus requiring a separate planning, especially when you are away from the main base camp. Not to mention, you also have the potential to meet the new threats that may not have been able to handle with your equipment you have now. Here, the need to build more weapons and armor hardiness also play an important role. Do not Starve began to transform from a game that requires you to survive, becoming a game that requires you to set the resource, and finally - a new environment subjecting itself. This is not just building a random item, but take advantage of all the things you have in accordance with the requirement, effective, and full planning.

Sounded pretty difficult? This game does require quite a lot of trial and error process, given that the developer did not inject any tutorials on it. You really just thrown into a new world and asked to survive, as cruel and as simple as that. No one tells you what to do to achieve this. Slowly, you start to learn about what foods can you consume, what are the resources that you need to collect to make things more crucially, the importance of fire, machine science, and a variety of extra surprises are still present when you keep exploring every nook there. And of the lack of this information, Do not Starve presents its own challenges, of course - very interesting. The only thing you have is a map which you can access via a touchpad for the DualShock 4 shows a picture of the area that you had previous exploration.

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