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Knack Review: Not a for Kids Game!

Hi Buddy Thomi Jasir Now I will to tell you about new Knack Review: Not a for Kids Game! articles and discuss about before i'm already make articles about Review: Do not Starve - Console Edition: Learning to Survive!

Knack Review: Not a for Kids Game!

The decision is quite confusing, this is probably the first word that came out when I saw the announcement of the presence of Knack - exclusively for the Playstation 4. Why? When most games are designed to produce a prime release tremendous impression to attract potential customers, and of course - showed the potential of new platforms, Sony Japan actually offers a "Knack". From the visual side, compared with Killzone: Shadow Fall, this game does not offer a next-gen atmosphere is pretty obvious. He was seen as a project "side" with the selling point that is not clear. Many who later speculated, believes that the Knack itself a character who wants to use the Sony as a successor of Crash Bandicoot and Little Big Planet, a mascot for the Playstation 4.

You are able to read our previous preview of course already have some idea of ​​what is actually offered by the Knack. Visually, it does not look like a next-gen games are outstanding and must possess the ability to simply show the Playstation 4 as a new platform. The shock actually born of gameplay mechanics that he has to offer. Instead of appearing as an action platformer game that might look good with this kind of visual quality, Knack actually appear as a hack and slash action game, like you find in God of War or Devil My Cry.

Knack Review: Not a for Kids Game!

Is this formula manages to offer something more in this next-gen project? Or she falls within the mainstream atmospheric unattractive? What makes us call it a game that is not intended for children? This review will discuss it in for you.


You will act as a strange little creature named - Knack.
The battle between the two major races in the world - Man and Goblin became a major theme underlying all the plots are created in Knack. Visualized as a human race that relies on technology to survive, and goblins live in the wild with wild civilization. But something surprising happened. For no apparent reason, the Goblin suddenly attacked human life and began to expand their territory. No longer just armed with stones or sticks, the Goblin comes with a variety of incredible military technology, including tanks and aircraft. The goal? Finding Relic which has positioned it as a power source for any existing technology. Humans also are in a position threatened and of course, looking for ways to survive and fight back. One answer to this conflict? Knack.

Knack Review: Not a for Kids Game!

Considered as a wild race, the Goblins suddenly attacked the man with advanced weapons technology.

Duty to fight back these attacks and destroys behind handed to Doctor Vargas, Ryder, and a rich millionaire - Viktor.

Knack to the rescue! With its ability to absorb and grow as big as possible relic, Knack became the main weapon to destroy the goblins.
There is never a clear explanation of what it actually Knack. He just told as the experimental results genius - Doctor Vargas who managed to find a rare relic and turn it into a creature that has a consciousness. Together with millionaire - Viktor, and an adventurer named - Ryder, Vargas getting tough task to prevent anything being planned by the group leader named Gundahar Goblin. Through the various settings available, it was not just Gundahar who have an interest in this conflict. Other forces began to move.

Knack Review: Not a for Kids Game!

Not only Gundahar, more deadly threat comes from the man himself.

Not only must mecegah attack the Goblin, Knack is now faced with a much bigger mystery.
Outside of humans and goblins, Knack actually find civilizations that have never been recorded before.
In the midst of the panic to unlock the secrets Gundahar and deter any invasion plans to the human world, Vargas and Knack precisely locate the threat of the man, against the "friends" of their own - Viktor. But unlike Gundahar, Viktor had another agenda among all the panic that occurred. Successful exploration he did find the fact that the world still contains so many large and mysterious relic, which are all stored behind a door guarded by an ancient race of new creatures they have never found on the surface of the world before. Trusting Vargas and Knack as a key to open this door, Viktor began sending robots best to make sure both are subject.

So, what is the key of the door Knack is desired by Viktor? Can in a moment of panic like this, they play a major role to stop the war that is being planned by Gundahar? Who actually also Knack and what fate awaited him? All these questions can you answer this Knack plays.

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