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Bethesda Confirms Latest Doom Series!

Hi Buddy Thomi Jasir Now I will to tell you about new articles Bethesda Confirms Latest Doom Series! and discuss about before i'm already make articles about GTA V Definitely Gaming Platform Launched on Popular!

Bethesda Confirms Latest Doom Series!

Bethesda Confirms Latest Doom Series! - One of the most effective adrenaline pump that had been present in the game industry, the name of Doom is no longer considered merely a series of FPS games, but grew into a legend that is not replaceable. Surfaced since the gaming industry began to grow as a mainstream entertainment medium, it shows the quality leap Doom is always promising. Cold hands of the developer - id Software juggle this franchise into one of the monuments of horror FPS with a strong flavor, and of course a memorable experience. You include gamers who look forward to welcoming the new series? You may berlega careful because Bethesda has just confirmed the existence of a new series of Doom!

This announcement itself glides along with the birth of the franchise project "classic" another Bethesda - Wolfenstein: New Order. On the sidelines of the announcement of the release date of its next-gen projects are ready to go on May 20, 2014, the Bethesda also offers a tantalizing promo for gamers who pre-order process.

Bethesda Confirms Latest Doom Series!

Confirmation of the existence of a new series of Doom glide along with the announcement of the release date Wolfenstein: New Order. Bethesda will give you a beta key - early access to DOOM for gamers who pre-order the Wolfenstein.

That's right, clearly written, that all gamers who pre-order process Wolfenstein: New Order will get a beta key can be used to participate in the beta period next DOOM series. Unfortunately, no details of when the beta period will run.

Wolfenstein: The New Order itself will slide to the PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on May 20, 2014. Interested to do the pre-order just to get faster access to the latest series of DOOM?

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