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15 Unique Facts Game Phenomenal "Flappy Bird"

Hi Buddy Thomi Jasir Now I will to tell you about new articles 15 Unique Facts Game Phenomenal "Flappy Bird" and discuss about before i'm already make articles about Bethesda Confirms Latest Doom Series!

15 Unique Facts Game Phenomenal "Flappy Bird" - Although it has been withdrawn from the market Android and iOS apps , games phenomenal Flappy Bird still a warm conversation to date. The rise of hoax news about the murder that happened because this game keeps popping up. Dong Nguyen had reportedly also choose to commit suicide because of the shock with the news circulating on the Internet about the game. Even someone who has installed a smartphone auctioning "Flappy Bird" at a high price on eBay.

  1. Dong Nguyen as a game developer from Vietnam initially did not expect a simple homemade game will be famous in the world. Here are 15 unique facts behind skyrocketing Game Flappy Bird:
  2. The idea of ​​making Game Flappy Bird blaze on April 6, 2013.
  3. Initially, Flappy Bird named Flap Flap.
  4. Name Flap Flap eventually replaced because there were having before.
  5. The original name of the bird in Flappy Bird is Faby.
  6. Flappy Bird made in just 3 days.
  7. Flappy Bird was first limited release on 29 April 2013 in beta.
  8. 2-dimensional image of the bird was first designed in 2012.
  9. The highest score in the game play homemade Nguyen was only 44 alone.
  10. Flappy Bird go to the App Store on May 24th, 2013 and is only available for the iPhone alone.
  11. Flappy Bird go to Google Play on January 30, 2014.
  12. Flappy Bird topped the top of the category of free games on the iTunes App Store United States and China in January 2014. followed by the UK App Store in the next month.
  13. Flappy Bird generate USD 50 thousand per day from advertising.
  14. Dong Nguyen get a lot of scathing tweets from people who are disappointed because they always fail to play a Flappy Bird.
  15. Nguyen rejected the tempting offers from advertisers.

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