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Flappy Bird Priced iPhone Contains USD $99.900 Dollars !

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Flappy Bird Priced iPhone Contains USD $99.900 Dollars !

It is undeniable that Flappy Bird is one of the most phenomenal mobile game ever. Its popularity is rising very rapidly both in iOS and Android.

Unfortunately, it did not last long. More recently, Dong Nguyen as the developer Flappy Bird draw game 'annoying' it from the App Store. As a result, many users who have not tasted Flappy Bird.

It seems that the incident actually utilized especially by those iPhone owners. On eBay, there are a few users who sold his iPhone at a high price just because it is installed Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird With the withdrawal of the app store, this one addictive game automatically becomes scarce. Simply "rare" to make some bold users sell their iOS device with a super crazy price.

One is the iPhone 5S Space Gray 16GB AT & T selling price could reach USD 99.900 or approximately USD 1.2 billion! According to information from PCMag, the iPhone was initially sold for $ 650. But after 74 offers from prospective buyers, the price soaring.

However, this time the iPhone is no longer displayed on eBay. It is also common in some other iPhone which also makes Flappy Bird as a primary offering. There is a presumption prices reached USD 99.900 for assistance bots or fake eBay account.

If you will download this game you can download Flappy Bird Here

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