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New! BBM for Galaxy Young (Galyoung) S5360 ARMv6 Now Available

Hi Buddy Thomi Jasir Now I will to tell you about new articles and discuss about New! BBM for Galaxy Young (Galyoung) S5360 ARMv6 Now Available  before i'm already make articles about Free Download BBM For Android Gingerbread Full Direct Link

New! BBM for Galaxy Young (Galyoung) S5360 ARMv6 Now Available - Lately BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), a warm conversation, because BBM BBM for Android and for iOS has been officially released and can be downloaded for free . For Android users, there are specific requirements that must be met if you want to install the fuel in their devices.

To install BBM for Android, the OS required version 4.0 (ICS - Ice Cream Sandwich) and above with architecture ARMv7 . Herein lies the problem, many Android users who feel the OS already ICS or Jellybean, but failed to install the fuel, either through the store and install it manually with a file BBM.APK . Some complaints came from users:

  • Samsung GT-S5300 Galaxy Pocket
  • Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y (Galaxy Young)
  • Samsung GT-S5512 Galaxy Y Pro Duos
  • Samsung GT-S5570 Galaxy Mini (Galaxy Pop, Tass)
  • Samsung GT-S5660 Galaxy Gio
  • Samsung GT-S5670 Galaxy Fit
  • Samsung GT-S5830 Galaxy Ace
  • Samsung GT-S6102 Galaxy Y Duos

The most widely asked in the forums and groups are fuel for Galaxy Young S5360 . Can be installed in the fuel galyoung? looks like, for now Galyoung users to be patient because it can not enjoy the device's fuel. To be able to install fuel in Galyoung, there should be porting the application of fuel, so the support for the ARMv6 architecture. Till now, there has been no fuel for the porting ARMv6, we wait hopefully there are successful porting BBM to ARMv6.

UPDATE : Currently the official BBM to Android Gingerbread is in the process of developing the BlackBerry team. But if you want to try the BETA version, please go to this link: Fuel for Young Galaxy / Galyoung S5360 ARMv6 (Work & Can Be Used)

If you Want Download HERE

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